Alternates for the 2017/18 Nelscott Reef Pro-Am

Official Alternates 

1st Alternate  5037 Votes


2nd Alternate  3549 Votes


3rd Alternate  3502 Votes


4th Alternate  2893 Votes


5th Alternate  2680 Votes


6th Alternate  2183 Votes


7th Alternate  1955 Votes


8th Alternate  1892 Votes


9th Alternate  1770 Votes


10th Alternate  1730 Votes


11th Alternate  1638 Votes


12th Alternate  1422 Votes


13th Alternate  1167 Votes


14th Alternate  1082 Votes


15th Alternate  1006 Votes

We are thankful to each of our sponsors, as they make this event possible. This years sponsors include;

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