Big Wave Pro

Surfer: Jeremy Rasmussen / Photo: Richard Hallman

The Nelscott Reef Pro is a one-day, annual event that is held between October 15th and March 31st. The event is called on a 3 day notice in order to guarantee pristine conditions.

Organizers are looking for wave height of 30’+  with little to no wind and good visibility, a combination that occurs only a few times a year.

Currently off season until Oct. 15th

An elite group of notable professional surfers from around the world will be included with the local talent, such as Tyler Cunningham, Tony Perez, Tyler Muth, and Jeremy Rasmussen.

This is the only big wave surfing event in the PNW that has support from the global surfing community, professional surfers, industry media, and the local surfers.

This event is organized by Gabe Smith, director of the XAG.  He has worked on the Nelscott events for the past 4 years, and organized the producing of the new movie, Journey to the reef.  Gabe has been working nonstop to find an event style that fits Nelscott.

We will be announcing by Oct. 15th the Prize Money amount and details.

 Event media by Phil Schlieder of Delphi Cinema 

Site Photos by Richard Hallman