Reef and Contest Info 

Nelscott Reef Big Wave Pro/Am is a one-day, annual event that is held between October 1st and March 31st. The event is called on a 3 days notice in order to guarantee prestine conditions. SURFLINE is the official surf forecaster and they will be working very closing with the organizers to guarantee the best day for the event.

An elite group of notable professional surfers from around the world will be competing.  Some of our very own local surfers, such as Tyler Cunningham, Tony Perez, and Jeremy Rasmussen will be competing in this event for the prestige’s title of the PNW.

This is the only big wave surfing event in the PNW that has support from the global surfing community, professional surfers, World Surf League, industry media, and the local surfers. This event has three principle organizers that combined, have put this event and Nelscott Reef on the global maps for the past 15 years.

Contest Info

Above video by Rob Russo 

Music by Zuhg 


About The Reef

On the biggest days of the season, Nelscott Reef breaks about a mile offshore from Canyon Park, in Lincoln City, Oregon. The massive open ocean swells are generated during the winter months. Coming primarily from the northwest and westward direction, these storms produce wave heights in the 30’-50’ range once they hit the outer reef with some occasional crazy swells maxing out in the 60’-70’ range.