Contest is a GO!

The 2019 Nelscott Reef PRO is Officially a go for Sunday The 10th! Over 30 of the worlds top Big Wave competitors are on their way to Oregon right now!

We will be bringing you a LIVE webcast of the whole day provided by the KAIZEN INSTITUTE, and hosted by Shannon Reporting!  We have an Emmy award winning director producing a documentary about this Sunday at Nelscott as well.

ON Sunday morning we will post an easy access Link page for everyone to click on and watch. If you have a Roku or Amazon fire you can Pre Download the app right now.

Please stay at D Sands, The Coho,  Or The Surftides if your coming into town. They are our LONG time supporters.

Yaquina Cab will be providing a shuttle from the mall down to the park so if theres no parking down below, park at the mall.

The $10,000 prize courtesy of Bahama Buds will be split equally between the men and the woman. We are letting the surfers have a HUGE say in who wins by allowing them to vote at end of the night for who they think should win.

This Expression session is intended to show the world the majesty of Nelscott.  Thanks you all for watching LIVE on Sunday!