Nelscott Reef Pro 2021-22 Season

In 2019, the Nelscott Reef Pro Big Wave surfing event was run as an Expression Session. Athletes surfed for 3 hours, and could catch as many waves as they can. That evening, everyone gathered and reviewed wave highlights from the day.

From the video reviews, and what they witnessed themselves, the competitors voted for who won the event. We let the competitors be their own Judges. Jojo Roper was voted the Winner by the Men, and Emi Erickson was voted the winner by the Women. The camaraderie was great! It was a Big Wave Summit of sorts, and everyone had a great time.

As many of you know, we had planned to run this event early in 2020. Due to the lack of proper surf conditions, and the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic we did not run the event. We hope all of our past competitors, friends and families are doing well.

Now in early 2021, we have a new vision. We are keeping the good vibes and camaraderie.

As part of our future event, we will incorporate safe Social Distancing measures in order to respectfully operate. This means during all beach operations, competitors and staff will be required to wear masks, and will keep at least a 6 feet distance or more at all times.

We also have a new contest format. More details will be announced soon!