Mavs and the Goldschmidt Effect

Mavs and the Goldschmidt Effect

All anybody ever wanted was for there to be a legit contest at Mavericks. For years, it’s been derailed by egos, lawsuits and infighting. In theory, that has all come to a peaceable conclusion now with the WSL laying down a cool half mil for the event’s rights.

Fate has a funny way of sorting things out. After previous permit-holders Cartel Management barred former champs and all around big-wave heroes Pete Mel and Twiggy Baker from competing, eventually numerous missteps led them to a United States Bankruptcy court. Last week it was ruled that the sale of the Titans of Mavericks LLC could proceed.

Both Cartel and Titans of Mavericks jointly file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February and the $525,000 sale will go towards paying down both entities’ debut. Assuming everything gets buttoned up in time, Maverick’s could be on the WSL Big Wave World Tour schedule next year.

“We actually drank Cartel’s kool-aid,” said Jeff Clarke in a district meeting last night. “We were there fighting for them to get this long-term permit so that we could have a sustainable contest only to have them work behind the scenes and remove our name from it and take it from us.“ 

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with the big wave community in bringing the Mavericks event to life on the international stage,” said WSL CEO Sophie Goldschmidt when the agreement was first announced. “The league has always held a huge amount of respect for both the venue and its community as one of the pillars of big wave surfing.”

Between Mavs and the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, Goldschmidt is quickly chalking up wins. The WSL had been sniffing around in Half Moon Bay for awhile, especially during Mel’s term as Big Wave Tour commissioner, and now adding Mavs to the schedule strengthens the hand of the tour. Kai Lenny won the first event of the season at maxing Puerto. The waiting period for the Pe’ahi Challenge and the Nazare Challenge both kick off October 15 and runs through Dec. 31. The Mavericks contest is currently not officially listed on their website.

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